Author/Keynote Speaker

Lorna currently provides motivational speeches, keynote address and serves as a sought after panelist for social work issues; especially areas focusing on teen parenting, adolescent development, women’s empowerment, foster care and adoption issues.
Participant Testimonials
“Lorna’s speech at the Red Hat Society breakfast made me realize that my work in the community, my contributions will live well beyond my years. She was awesome.”
“I heard Lorna’s talk at the Springfield college convocation and her ,”if you don’t do it in here, then you won’t do it out there,” stayed with me during my graduate experience and pushed me to be a better Social Worker.”
“She provided the 2014 address for the graduates of the MSW program. Her Circle of life presentation was empowering and reminded us to use all of who we are to make a difference. I cried at the end of the presentation.”
She is in the process of preparing to release her first book, Mum’s The Word, a memoir that she believes will be very revealing to many.


Lorna’s Corner started as a community- based television show, that aired on Hartford Public Access TV, Cable Channel 5. Lorna Little is the creator of the show, serving as host and producer. It originally started as a topical talk show in 1989. The show subsequently aired music videos, along with interviews with some of the top entertainers from the music, television, sports and film industries. Since its inception in 1989, being a  fan of Hip Hop and R&B music, Lorna did not feel that there were enough outlets for Hip Hop music, combined with positive, conscious conversation. What started out as an idea at a community television station, with a two -person volunteer crew and no major station affiliation, has since turned into a successful show that reaches throughout the world online and celebrates its 25th anniversary. This has been due to hard work, persistence, a supportive community station and a great production team. A team that has been made up of the following volunteers and staff over the course of its existence: Broderick Knight, Sean (Rough) Todd, Therosine, Ann Jackson, Ortesta Colson, Kelvin, Edmund Peart, Punkin, Kya, Roni Williams, Ron Holmes, Alonzo, Kenny Jenkins, Richard Dixon, and more. Many of the individuals who have been a part of the show and the viewers have been exposed to alternatives to their existing life circumstances; through this program, many people saw someone from their community successfully working in the field of communications, which gave them an opportunity to learn more about television production, public relations and media communications fields.
Lorna provided knowledge about some of the issues that faced the urban community, in between the latest videos, giveaways, and in-depth interviews. Interviews with artists such as; Queen Latifah, Run DMC, Morris Chestnut, Shemar Moore, LL Cool J, Monique, Ray Allen, Ruby Dee & Ozzie Davis, Fab 5 Freddy, Johnny Gil, MC Hammer, Rome, 3LW, Naughty By Nature, KRS-One, SWV, Shades, 702, Mona Lisa, Morris Chestnut, Puff Daddy, Notorious BIG, Immature, Ginuwine, Flex, Super Cat, Tiger, Aaron Hall, Jesse Powell, Public Enemy, Brian McKnight, Foxy Brown, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, The Fugees, MC Lyte, , Vin Baker, Michelle Thomas, Alphonso Riberia and many more. Whenever entertainers and guests stop by the Corner, Lorna not only discusses their careers, but always asks them to provide the viewers with some words of wisdom, positive words to help them get through the day to day struggles that many young people face. Although Lorna has many nationally- known celebrities on the show, she always given local artists an opportunity to showcase their talent.
It should come as no surprise that Lorna’s Corner has received many awards over the years from a variety of companies and individuals, from Russell Simmon’s Def Jam to National trade magazines. Lorna’s Corner no longer airs on a weekly basis, but Lorna started producing monthly specials in 2013 , after taking a well deserved hiatus to focus on running St. Agnes group home for young women and children. Her show taped in 1994 with WillIAm of the Black Eyed Peas, recently aired on E !-entertainment television.


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Media Personality/TV Host

Television Producer & Host – Lorna has produced Lorna’s Corner , a television show started in 1989, which has evolved into an online program that combines thought-provoking ideas and entertainment for a unique mix of conscious conversation and popular culture. She has had a variety of celebrities as guests on her show. Her show was originally in a topical talk show format until she recognized that she was able to provide her positive messages to a larger audience when she engaged national celebrities to discuss their  music, sports or film careers.  A few of the guests included: P. Diddy, Queen Latifah, Morris Chestnut, Public Enemy, Notorious BIG,  L.L. Cool J, and other non-music guests like Gil Noble, Steve Perry, Michael Eric Dyson, Gayle King, Ray Allen, and Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. Her television work often provided coverage of community events and socially important issues. She also produced the weekly Phillips Metropolitan C.M.E. Church television program, “Building Upward, Reaching Outward.”  She has won several awards for her television program and her contribution to the media. Some of her classic footage was recently shown on E-entertainment. She has always wanted to produce a documentary and is currently in the planning stage for a new project, “Crossing Over.” Stay tuned for further developments on this exciting project.

Meet Lorna

Lorna Little is a renowned speaker, author, media personality, licensed clinical social worker, and youth advocate. Her background melds an interesting mix of human services and media entertainment. Lorna successfully served for over 13 years as the Executive Director of a CT non-profit agency serving young children, and pregnant and parenting young women involved with the foster care system. She is currently the President and CEO of St. Anne’s in Los Angeles, California as she extends her leadership to the West Coast; solidifying her as a national leader in the field of pregnant and parenting care, early childhood education, and permanent supportive housing. As a former young mother herself, Lorna understands and is capable of speaking on, the issues facing teen parents from both a personal and professional perspective. Lorna started her rise to international prominence by being the producer of a television program, Lorna’s Corner, which utilizes music and the celebrity guests to deliver messages and words of wisdom which encourages viewers to live up to their full potential. Messages of hope, community responsibility, and breaking the cycles of violence continue to be interwoven between interviews and videos.
Lorna has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She earned her Clinical License in Social work, providing her with the opportunity to offer counseling services to individuals and families. She has a Post Master’s Certificate in Foster Care and Adoptions Studies and speaks frequently on these subjects. She serves as the Chair of the Springfield College School of Social Work Advisory Board.
Lorna has an awesome history of delivering inspiring workshops, motivational speeches, and multi-media presentations. She is an avid photographer and videographer. She is also currently releasing her book a memoir, “MUM’S THE WORD!”.

Social Worker/LCWS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/ Advocate- Lorna earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Springfield College, but has always felt she was born a social worker and has worked voluntarily as an advocate and community mediator for many years. Lorna successfully served for over 13 years as the Executive Director of a CT non-profit agency serving young children, and pregnant and parenting young women involved with the foster care system. She is currently the President and CEO of St. Anne’s in Los Angeles, California as she extends her leadership to the West Coast; solidifying her as a national leader in the field of pregnant and parenting care, early childhood education, and permanent supportive housing.   She has worked with children and adolescents in various community programs, providing workshops, training and agency assessments. With her media experience and her connections with the entertainment industry, Lorna has also utilized the power of celebrities to help get the attention of young people who may turn away from adult intervention. Lorna says, “We should all work towards improving the quality of life for those in our community.” She holds a Post Master’s Certificate in Clinical Issues in Foster Care and Adoption from the University of Connecticut. Her experience is in-depth and allows her to serve as a moderator, panelist and keynote speaker on various issues in Social Work. Lorna is an Adjunct Professor at Springfield College and also a certified SIFI (Social Work Field Instructor) for the University of Connecticut, University of St. Joseph, and Springfield College. She has served on the board of the Connecticut National Association of Social Workers, Catholic Charities – Southside Family Center. She is the currently the Chair of the Advisory Board for the Springfield College School of Social Work.